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World Book Day!

What a fabulous end to the week! With Dosbarth Enfys' premiere performance and all the excitement of  World Book Day, it is safe to say, that we can  leave this week behind, smiling. We were incredibly impressed with the variety of costumes worn by the children and staff today and we most certainly know that the children enjoyed all the fun activities that World Book Day brought. From transforming classroom doors into book covers to learning how to be the perfect storyteller- we did the lot! Enjoy the weekend, why not read your favourite book? 

Bore Da!

Good morning to all. 
We have had a peaceful and restful night. We even had two visits from the tooth fairy! 
The children have munched their way through breakfast and it's now time to finish off the packing before heading out on our final walk.
School will be in touch when we depart to let you know our arrival time.  

Nos da!

All teeth are brushed, books have been read and the sleepy year threes are ready for bed. (Although I think we are looking forward to breakfast already!) 

A fantastic day has been had by all. Nos da. 


"I have enjoyed the rope walk because it was a bit muddy!" Ben 


"For tea we had some nice spaghetti bolognase and I had seconds and seconds for dessert! It was toffee pudding. It was VERY nice!" Ethan R 


"We have just made our sandwiches for tomorrow. I chose tuna and sweetcorn, a biscuit and an apple." Amelia 


Blue skies!

A lovely afternoon of activities has just finished. Just time to kick off those muddy boots and unpack before tea. 
"Storey arms is very fun. The best activity was walking up the mountain with Miss Doyle because I enjoy walking. I am sleeping on the top bunk and I am looking forward to a rest tonight!" Taylor 
"I liked the walking best. I am in a room with Gethin and Corey." Jack 
"I have liked the activities and looking at the chopped down trees. We thought about what they could be using them for. We got really muddy. I like my room." Josh 

Busy Bees!

Second round of activities done, snacks eaten, squash drunk and we are raring to go for the next lot of activities. 
"We have been with Mr Dean on the rope trail. There were no bears in the forest! We have painted the mountains. The horse I was painting disappeared in the fog!" Sophie D 
"I have enjoyed walking up Pen y Fan because it was a good challenge. We have learnt about the national park. There is snow on the mountain!" Isaac 

Safe and sound at Storey Arms!!!

We have all arrived safely at Storey Arms. The children have settled into their rooms and found their way around the centre. We have completed our first lot of activities and have now stopped for a quick bite to eat. More updates to follow soon. 

Dydd Gwyl Dewi

The second part of our Eisteddfod is about to start. Here come the orchestra to kick start our afternoon! Please click read more to see the rest of the day! 
Nursery choir have dazzled us all with lovely versions of their favourite hits including un dau tri banana and Mr Hapus. 
The infant house choir competition is underway. Who will the winner be?! 
The winner is Wenallt!! 
Junior choirs next....! 
The winner is Briwnant!! 
What a fantastic afternoon. We have had some fantastic poetry recitations and super year six dance group. 

Annual Report to Parents 2012 - 2013

Please follow the link below to read the full version of our 'Annual Report to Parents' for the academic Year 2012 - 2013 which has been written by members of the Governing Body.
Mrs S Coombes

Maths Leaflets

As a school we produce a number of resources that are designed to inform and support our families. One set of leaflets that have proved to be very popular are our maths leaflets which are now available for download. Simply click the links to view these PDF documents.

All for onesie and onesie for all!

To show our support for children in need the children of keystage 2 (and some staff!) have been wearing their best pyjamas and onesies. The Foundation phase have been supporting pudsey by wearing non uniform! We would like to thank you all for your donations and support of this fantastic cause. Our total amount raised will follow soon....

Read all about Year 6's trip to Llangrannog

 Read all the news from our recent trip to Llangrannog by following this link to the Year 6 web page.

Year 3 Spelling Lists 2013-2014

See the weekly spelling lists for 2013 - 2014 here:

Reading and Numeracy Testing May 2013

All our parents have all recently received the Welsh Government booklets ‘Reading and Numeracy tests Ages 5-7’ or ‘How was school today?’ (Key Stage 2 children). As outlined in the booklets all learners in Wales in years 2-6 are required to sit tests in reading and numeracy during May 2013. The tests will last for about an hour and will be constructed in such a way that our younger pupils will be able to sit them in ‘chunks’.

Easter Egg Hunt

On the last day of term we met in the junior hall, as were going to hunt for chicks. We were put in to groups of 4 with one from year 3, 4, 5 and 6. Mr Parker told us we either had to hold hands or link arms with the people in our groups. Once everyone was ready we all set off looking for chicks on the junior playground. But we still had to hold hands or link arms when we were looking for the chicks.

Sherman Theatre Dance

After school on Wednesdays there is a club called Rubicon. Sixteen girls from separate classes in year six go. We created our own dance with our dance teacher Sam. Once we had practiced this dance loads of times and had it perfect, we were offered the chance to perform it in the Sherman Theatre. We had a dress rehearsal on the day of the performance from half eleven to half one, it was really fun to have a chance to practice on the stage before the actual thing.

FOLF Duck Race

Yesterday it was the duck race, it took place on the stream down to All Saints’ Church. We tested out our duck whistles and the countdown began…5..4..3..2..1..GO!  The ducks were thrown over the bridge and went whooshing down the river. The duck race was over quite quickly because the river had overflown from a lot of rain. Some mothers baked cakes for the duck race and the money raised went to FOLF. The ducks went down the river, and Mrs Coombs and Miss Evans were up to their waist in water! The first duck down the river was the duck that won.

Year 3 Trip to the Brecon Beacons - March 2013

We arrived to a warm centre and a very warm welcome from Andy and his staff. The weather is on the chilly side but the sun is out and the mountains look beautiful.
We are all settled in and about to have lunch before heading back out.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
We are having a great time and doing lots of activities. We have climbed Pen y Fan and we did some orienteering around Storey Arms. We were painting mountains and it started to snow, it was sort of heavy but we survived! We painted in all different shades, Mr Barrett thought our paintings were super.

Pupil Voice

What is Pupil Voice?
Pupil voice (or pupil participation) is about developing a culture in schools where ALL children and young people have a voice and the opportunity to play an active role in decisions that affect their learning and well-being, as set out in Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Although having an active school council is an essential part of this approach, it is only one aspect.

Cardiff Castle

On Tuesday 5th February at 9:00 Year 6 were getting ready for their day at Cardiff Castle. At 9:30 we were ready!  After 15 minutes on the bus we arrived.

Year 4 Trip to St Fagans February 2013

On Monday our school went on a trip to St. Fagans, we were learning about the Tudors. We were looking at the Tudor toys, they were pretty fun. We looked at a Tudor church there were paintings and weapons on the walls, you were not allowed to sit down so our legs were really aching.

Our trip to St Fagans February 2013

On Monday 4th February we went to St Fagans with the whole of Year 4. First we travelled to the Tudor church and a lady told us all about the paintings and how they were made. Some of the paints were poisonous .The red and green were poisonous. Next we went to a rich Tudor farmhouse; there were two chimneys, two floors, and a big fire. Then we went outside in the garden and there was a big shelter to keep the wood in. We all walked around and inside with a worksheet and had to count how many doors, windows, bedrooms and furniture there were.

Chess Tournament in County Hall - February 2013

Last Sunday, we went to a chess tournament in County Hall. We all went with our Mums Dads and Mr Barrett came too. They stayed to support us the whole day. When we arrived we checked what tables we were on, and then waited for our opponents to arrive.  In the first match we were all feeling nervous and by the end of the match we had all lost. However, on the second and third match we did a little better. We were feeling a bit more confident and comfortable now.

Maths in Year 6

In Year 6 we have maths every morning (second lesson). Some of my favourite bits in maths are problem solving, investigations and shape. If we do really well in the subject Mr Jones or Mrs Shilling goes out with a small group and either does that subject a bit harder or we do a more challenging subject like binary or algebra. I find it really fun to go out in the smaller group because we do more difficult topics. I also enjoy doing the ‘owls’ or ‘explores’ in our books which are extra little investigations to challenge our understanding of that piece of work.


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